Friday, July 20, 2012

How to make your own journal from a hardcover book

I've just posted a new DIY tutorial on our You-tube page on how to make your own hard cover journal.
You can check out the channel here : RefashionTV/videos
Happy crafting!  :)
Binding the pages of the journal
Origional cover 

Fabric covered version 

Monday, July 16, 2012

Chair make over

My sad little saggy chair before her face-lift
I’ve finally finished the chair makeover that I started months ago! I bought it at the Jamison Rotary Trash 'n Treasure for $5.

The fabric I used was originally curtains; a friend bought them at an op-shop with me in mind.

I pulled the whole thing apart and threw out the old padding. I used quilting (bought at an op shop as well of course) to fatten up the base and back. My trusty staple gun got a good workout! There was no sewing involved in this project which was a nice change.

I was thinking about painting the wooden frame with white gloss paint but the natural varnished wood has a natural charm J

Thursday, July 12, 2012

DIY Recycled Brooch

Make your own recycled brooch 

This sparrow broach is hardened by using recycled plastic between the two layers of fabric. You can find lots of cute images to use as stencils on- line such as rabbits, mushrooms, poodles.  

You will need:
-Recycled plastic such as a milk bottle, take away containers etc. (Anything that is thin enough to cut but stiff enough to support your fabric or paper.)
-Brooch clasp or a large safety pin
-Fabric scraps or paper  to decorate

1. Print off the image you want to use as a stencil and cut it out.
2. Trace the stencil onto your recycled plastic, and your fabric or paper (you will need one  to cover the front of the plastic and one to cover the back).
3. If you are using a safety pin cut two small slits in the fabric backing so that the back of the safety pin is encased. 

4. Glue the fabric to the front of the plastic backing
5. Trim away any excess fabric or plastic and let dry.

You have a new pretty to accessorize your winter coat!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Winter coat refashion

It seems we bypassed summer and the cold weather has settled in to stay already, which I don't mind. I love snuggley winter woollies. 
This coat is made from beautiful felted wool but had no shape and was way too big for me. I'm working on turning this into a tutorial on how to re-size clothing to fit.

It was reversible with black on one side and grey on the other so I chose the grey side... black makes me look like i'm dying!  I added some darts , took in the side seams and arms, shortened the hem (which i'm slightly regretting - I love long coats) then used the excess cut off the length to make the wrap collar.
And Voila!  I have a new winter staple YAY :)

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Up-cycling and re-purposing things

This is the cup-cake stand from my tutorial
( how to make a cake stand from recycled pretties  ),  I  decided it
would serve better as a jewelry stand... Cup cakes don't last long
enough in my house to be on display ;)
 80's cup stand up-cycled into a jewelry stand 
Another of my cake stands made from glass plates and a little glass vase.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

International Women's Day style workshop

As a part of International Women's Day, I have been asked to hold a style workshop as a thank you for all the amazing women that have assisted The Multicultural Women's Advocacy in empowering so many women from all walks of life.

We can find ourselves pouring all our energy into our jobs or our family but it's vital to take the time to revitalize and feel like a whole person, not just an employee, a boss or a mother. As women we can tend to feel guilty for taking time out just for our selves, some think it's selfish, but really we are being our own worst enemies. How can we give ourselves fully without taking care of us, so we don't get run down when it matters the most?

This is what I try to focus on when running my workshops. It's time to look at the little things that make you feel special & beautiful. 

Do something just for YOU this Women's Day :)

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

New Stock at the National Portrait Gallery Shop

Peacock brooch/ hair pin 
Yellow weave necklace
Printed silk necklace with zipper detail
Leather & satin necklace
The peacock brooch / hair pin
Red leather & feathers necklace
Mauve neck piece ( on the online shop
All one- off pieces

Monday, February 6, 2012

Saturday's garage sale

 Visited the YMCA Garage sale in Yarralumla on Saturday, here are some of my treasures... 

Box of books for $10.
My favorite is the little dress makers guide - gorgeous!  

Wooden beaded necklaces
Only 50c each ...SCORE!
The YMCA Garage sale 

I love this floral couch! Too cute 
The next YMCA garage sale is on the 14th April,